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Our aim is to empower more people to build positive, meaningful projects, and help a new generation of kiwis into homes.


We're designers, investors, developers, creatives, property enthusiasts and Unitary Plan nerds, but most importantly – we are people. Kiwis who are here to help our neighbours get the most out of their land and do our part to provide more quality housing in a city that’s somewhat lacking.

Above and beyond the traditional architecture office, we are a development consultancy specialising in helping our clients achieve their property goals. Whether its additional cashflow, capital, or the need to create and build beautiful housing, we have the expertise to guide you along your journey.

Jessica Driver

Jess is half founding director and half real-estate guru. She’s trained with the best in property, both in the residential and commercial sectors, learning the value of creative thinking, planning, and execution. Jess has a nose for a good deal, an eye for design, and is always looking at the bigger picture. Her creative brain and strategic mind will make sure the best strategy is put in place for your project, ensuring your development goals are reached. She’s an avid supporter of other women in property and helping them realise their potential.

Thomas Ward

Thomas is the other half of our founding directors, and on a mission to help empower more people to design and deliver positive, meaningful development projects. Having gained experience working under some of Auckland’s top architects, he has an appetite for good design, wanting to inject this into the medium density housing sector. Bursting with Unitary Plan knowledge, an understanding of the financial realities involved in a project, and first-hand development experience, you’re in good hands with Thomas guiding you on your development journey.

Our Goal is simple; to make property developing easy to understand and accessible for anyone willing to take on the challenge. We're lowering the barrier of entry into developing, so no matter your background of expertise, if you're keen to give it a go, we're here to help.