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Investigating Options

The first step on your property development journey starts with a pre-development feasibility report. These reports are a great way to investigate the development potential of your site and understand the options available to you as a landowner. With this project we've taken a look at the existing site and come up with two options. To get the most out of the site, both options involve demolishing the existing dwelling and incorporate 4 - 6 brand new homes.

Sackville Street2

Sackville Street Existing Site

Existing Site

This 976m2 site is zoned Mixed Housing Suburban and consists of a single dwelling and garage with a huge back yard.

Sackville Street2

Option One

This development option sees the existing dwelling and garage removed to make way for four new family homes, each on their own freehold tiles. The first three dwellings share a similar ’courtyard style’ design to create a private garden setting, while the last unit incorporates a reversed floor plan with living on the upper floor due to the change in vehicle manoeuvring layout.

Sackville Street

Option Two

This development option sees the existing dwelling and garage removed to make way for three new duplexes for a total of six units, each on their own freehold tiles. The duplexes are more compact and share an inter-tenancy wall, but still retain enough outdoor space and internal amenity to provide a desirable living option.