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Stage 01

Ready to get started on your development journey?

Next Step — Stage 02

To get you underway, we start your journey with a pre-development feasibility report. This will help you understand the development controls and constraints affecting your site, show you what options you have available and highlight the potential costs for the project.

Once the numbers are looking good, we’ll help you pick an option that suits your objectives and appetite for risk, then bring your ideas to life through our design process, finishing up with a positive nod from the council in the form of an approved Resource Consent.

We know better than anyone that time is money, and our 100% strike rate for Resource Consent applications shows we have a strategy that works. With the consent approved it’s a good chance to revalue your property, and as it is valid for 5 years you can either take a breather or carry on into Stage 02.

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Stage 01

  • Feasibility - understand and investigate your options
  • Concept Design - bring the proposed buildings to life
  • Developed Design - resolve the final look and feel; materials, finishes etc
  • Interior Design - complete the internal fitout details
  • Resource Consent - obtain approval from the Council
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